Our Story

The classic tale of finding true love when you least expect it! Alexxa was off to Cartegena, Colombia with some friends who knew a guy that was also traveling to Cartagena and they would all meet up for a couple of days. This guy’s name was Michael and Alexxa was pleased to find out that not only did Michael have the cutest smile, but he was also a great guy! Fast forward to the end of the trip – Alexxa and Michael hit it off and the rest was history!

After about a year of long-distance, Alexxa made the move to Boston. They spent 3 amazing years as boyfriend and girlfriend together - making memories, integrating their families and friends, traveling the world, and eating all the food in sight.

On April, 28th 2023, Michael proposed to Alexxa, and to no one’s surprise, she said YES! They decided to get married almost a year to the day of the proposal on April, 27th 2024 in Scottsdale, Arizona. Scottsdale is a place that they hold very near and dear to their hearts.

Alexxa and Michael are looking forward to making more memories with everyone in Scottsdale and they cannot wait to celebrate their love with all the people they love the most!